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Managing your KAMAR password

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Last edited January 2007


All accredited Student Management Systems, including KAMAR, are required to conform to certain security procedures laid down by the Ministry of Education. These include both a requirement to have passwords, and minimum security arrangements concerning the type of passwords you are allowed to use.

Rules for KAMAR passwords

Your KAMAR password is NOT the same as your network password (but you could synchronise them yourself if you want to).

KAMAR passwords follow the same rules as network passwords:

In addition, KAMAR passwords will not accept a small change. For example, if your password was "Angel6" you can't change it to "Angel61".

Changing your KAMAR password

  • Go to the KAMAR login screen;
  • Type in your user name and your old password;
  • Click the "Change" button instead of "Logon";
  • Enter your new password.
The KAMAR login screen

What to do if you forget your password

Because KAMAR uses encrypted passwords, nobody can actually look up your KAMAR password.

The KAMAR administrator has the power to change your password for you, or request Hedley, Steven or Vicki to arrange this.

3-try Lockout

Like Classroom Manager, KAMAR implements a 3-try lockout system. Once you have got your password wrong three times, access to this account is disabled until it is re-set by a KAMAR administrator.

This is a security measure designed to discourage students from accessing your KAMAR account.

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